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Caitlin, 16, Australia

We all have two lives, the second one beings when we realize we only have one. - Tom Hiddleston

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and the elevator was not coming fast enough


when you follow someone and they follow back immediately



i want to feel this much happiness one day

'When I met her I think my first line was, 'Hey I'm Darren, I'm Scottish, we're the best lovers in the world!”. And then she laughed and in the first five minutes we were planning our wedding at a Scottish castle and I was going to skydive into the castle and she said, “That’s going to be interesting when you’re wearing your kilt!”

Lydia, it wasn’t your fault. I was there too.

Khal Drogo could be cruel as well, and there was never a man more dangerous. She had come to love him all the same.”

My friend asked me to walk down the stairs while he filmed me and it was the best decision I made all month.


i was singing along to a song that had “bitch” in the lyrics, and my parents who are religious told me “you shouldnt be saying that word!”

and i’m just like


"You. I like you. I’m gonna keep you.”
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